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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  October 14, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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he's in jailntil a court appearance tomorrow morning. police were alerted when an employee at the school heard students talking about the obscene content. that's when police were called in. the south ridge school department issuing a statement that the school department is extremely alarmed by these charges and has taken immediate steps to ensure the safety of our students. effective today, this individual is no longer an employee with the district. and we have requested a no contact trespass order through the police department. again, the teacher in south ridge accused of sefnlding obscene material to a minor. we have a crew on the way and will bring you the very latest as soon as we get it. in the newsroom, i'm sheryl, 7news. and now the patriots gearing up for game day. >> tom brady admitting he's only human when asked there's add incentive to take down the colts
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but tvtd12 did stop saying anything ahead to add the fuel to the fire above the big match. >> he says he's as motivated for this game as he is for any other. dan hausle was the one asking brady the questions everyone's talking about today. in fact, you're probably gonna be trending on twitter for this, in not already, dan. >> yeah, it's hard to get these guys to drop the cliche s giving the other team bulletin board material and going into the week against indiana. but brady only took five questions over 40 minutes but i was able to get him to reveal that he's got something more than ice in his veins. >> tom brady faced the cameras and repeated the company line going back to indianapolis for the first time since deflate gate started there and is just another game. but brady gave in just a little when i pressed him. >> fans want to know that you're human and what you said so far
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but facing the team that started the ball rolling on deflate gate and your whole reputation, how could that not be extra incentive to want to stick it to him? >> i'm always pretty motivated week. whether that's a preseason game or regular season game. they're all important. >> sounds like a robot. isn't there any hug in there, any human that wants a little extra? >> i'm a human. there's no doubt. >> is tom human like he says he is? driving some of the success this season but the glimpses we've seen rung back legarrette blunt
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says those are real. >> i know i'm human. >> what about tom. >> he's human for sure. >> and brady even came back to the human issue later in one of the other questions about how he's able to get up from every other game. sometimes you're down, sometimes you're up. >> sundays' showdown definitely puts the storied rivalry back in the spotlight and it's one that started way before deflate gate, joe amorosino is here with more on the past history of thee two teams. >> it's a rivalry that's been very one-sided recently with the patriots coming out on top in each of their last six games against the colts. dating back to 1996 the patriots have won 21 of the last 28 minutes. so a bad rivalry for them and a great one for new england. the patriots have averaged a ridiculous 47.3 points per game.
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shredding the colts' defense through the air and on the ground. the running game especially effective against indy's poorest defense, rushing for 177 yards or more in the last three games. alex corddry reporting live in foxboro with more on the next chapter in the rivalry. >> when you share all that history with us, it seems like this sunday will be another game when the patriots beat down the colts but talking to the players in the locker room, they'll tell you what happened in the past doesn't matter on sunday because it's a brand-new years. >> it's not gonna help us right now. >> don't remind legarrette blount and the patriots, tom brady is 13 and 4 in his career against indy but in this game it doesn't matter. we'll work hard and try to be a good team on the road. >> i'm sure they've forgotten
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about all that stuff that we have. >> there's a good chance andrew lux is back as a center monday night. they're preparing for both quarterbacks. >> every game you go into there could be a change at some point. so you're just aware of the options that they have and you look at the game film from the previous couple weeks and prepare yourself best for the things that they do. >> with being on the road, they know there's always going to be surprises but you better believe the pats are ready. >> this is a big game. we'll prepare for that this week. >> at the patriots continue their preparations for sunday night's game, they will do so without left tackle nate soldier. soldier was hurt in sunday's game against the cowboys. he will miss the rest of the season with a torn right biceps.
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live in foxboro, alex corddry, 7 nuts. you can catch all the action right here on 7 nbc sunday. be sure to join us for our 7 on the sidelines show at 6:30. comes up right after 7news at 6:00. we're following breaking news right now. a gas main has exploded in medfield. it's happening on south street at phillips street. if you're familiar with that small town. gas is leaking and there are visible flames as we see in this video sent in. the gas main is in a roadway that is under repair. nearby playing fields have been evacuated in that area. the good news right now is nobody has been injured. firefighters were on the scene trying to get a handle on this and we'll continue to bring you more information as we get it here. a man hit by a car in plymouth has died. witnesses say the diver was trying to parallel park at the time. the command just before noon, hours later police were still going over the crash as you see here from sky 7. no charges have been filed. >> and police are searching for a shooter who opened fire on a car in rentham. this happened late last night on 495.
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two peep inside the car were not hurt. investigators do not believe it was a random attack. >> the judge is trying to determine if phillip chism is fit for trial but the defense says he's not competent. the prosecution says it's a stall tactic, 7's steve cooper is live in salem, let's get the latest from steve. what do you know? >> so prosecutors late today were basically saying that phillip chism is holding this trial hostage but defense attorneys painting a very different picture of a teenaged defendant who they say isn't mentally competent to stand trial here? five days to jury selection and that process is on hold at salem superior court. the competency of phillip chism is called into he question. >> he has a lack of understanding about the chile trial and all the players and the decisions.
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>> reporter: court appointed psychologist colleen mcmillan takes the stand after interviewing with the 16-year-old who sat on the floor had his holding cell where chism claimed to be hearing voices in his head. >> he started to make some noises so i asked him if he was talking to me and i didn't hear anything and he said he wasn't talking to me, that he was talking to somebody else. >> reporter: the day began with chism refusing to appear in the courtroom, according to a court officer. >> chism did apparently listen to the hearing from behind courtroom wall but remained out of sight of the camera. the teen's trial was set to begin after a jury was seated in connection with the rape and murder of his high school math teacher 24-year-old colleen ritzer inside danvers high school two years ago. prosecutors say chism's 11th hour antics including banging his head against the floor of his cell, is all a ruse. >> everything that has happened for the last 24 hours is not real.
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>> so the judge has ordered attorneys on both sides to be back in the courtroom here first thing in the morning to discuss that whole competency issue. >> as for the potential jurors, they've been told they won't be back here until at least sometimes next week and maybe well beyond that. live in salem tonight, steve cooper, 7news. >> the family of a missing crew member who was on board the cargo ship el faro now filing a lawsuit. the family of 3-year-old lonnie jordan is suing the ship's owner for $100 million. the coast guard called off the search for the ship last week. el faro was headed to puerto rico from florida during hurricane joaquin when officials received a distress call. they reportedly lost propulsion and started taking on water. a family attorney says the ship never should have left port. these are some greedy people.
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innocent men and women. and somebody has to pay. >> the coast guard searched the area but only found some debris including a life ring and a damaged lifeboat. the lawsuit alleges the el faro was not sea worthy and the ship's owner was aware of that. two crew members were from massachusetts as we've reported, both keith griffin and jeffrey mathias graduated from mass maritime academy. also today lamar old them a las vegas hospital fighting for his life. the former basketball and reality tv star was found unresponsive last night in a nevada broalt. we do know that his ex-wife kloe kardashian, her family members and nba stars have rushed to be by his hospital bedside. 7's ryan schulteis is here with more. >> the brothel's owner went to check on lamar after not
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found him unresponsive. >> reporter: lamar odom, the former nba and reality tv star is fighting for his life at a las vegas hospital. the 35-year-old l.a. laker was found unconscious tuesday at a nevada brothel. >> when we immediately called 911, then 911 said roll him on his left side, and my management did that, and he started throwing up all ciekdz of stuff, foaming. >> reporter: a source inside the hospital says doctors are treating the situation as an overdose. friends and former teammates are showing an out-pouring of support. >> i just wanted to extend love and support to one of our nba brothers lamar odom. we love you, man. keep fighting. >> and on twitter, dwyane wade wrote i pray this morning for my brother. dear god, he's one of the good ones. and shaquille o'neill, everyone that reads this pote, please pray for my friend lamar odom that he makes a full recovery. lamar married kloe kardashian
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n 2009 turning his life with into a reality show. following their break-up in 2013 odem's personal life continued to spiral out of control including several run-ins with the law for drunk driving and drug use. playing four teams in three years, last taken to court in 2013, and now a champion in a fight pore his life inside this las vegas hospital. he old sem still on life support at the hospital. ryan schulteis, 7news. turning now to the democratic debate. >> enough of the e-mails. let's talk about the real issues! [ cheering ] >> reporter: hillary clinton's biggest rival coming to her defense last night, trying to silence questions about her email scandal and focus on the real issues. and it's the issues that dominated last night's debate. elizabeth noreika up in our control room. elizabeth, not a lot of fireworks, really. >> that's right, adam. not a lot of fireworks or surprises either. hillary clinton was predicted to be a shining star in last night's debate and most analysts say she was.
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>> reporter: hillary clinton supporters are overjoyed at her performance. >> i love you guys. thank you all very much. [ cheering ] >> reporter: big clinton donors are relieved. >> oh my god, you know, wring her hands over the emails and her performance last night i think cemented her position as the odds-on favorite to win the nomination in the presidency. >> reporter: clinton dominating the debate against the four men running against her. >> i think being the first woman president would be quite a change. >> reporter: clinton's clashes with chief rival bernie sanders were polite but pointed as is he tough enough on guns. >> no, not at all. i think that we have to look at the fact that we lose 90 people a day from gun violence. >> reporter: clinton frustrated her rifles, even donald trump was impressed. >> i think she did her job. i think she got through the debate. i personally think she won the debate exproardz bernie sanders was mobbed afterwards by tv cameras. >> it was uncomfortable but this is a positive sign, rioters well, i think there is something positive and we did okay tonight.
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social oism, free healthcare, free college. >> i believe in a society where all people do well, not just a handful. >> reporter: and in the special debate moment, sanders threw clinton a lifeline. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails. >> thank you. >> reporter: back in washington was joe biden, democrats who love the vice-president say he's less likely to go up against hillary clinton. >> the democratic candidates will debate again in a month after republicans have their next debate in two weeks. elizabeth noreika, 7news. the debate is the topic of today's web poll. we asked who you thought won last night's debate. bernie sanders, the clear frontrunner with 54% of the vote. clinton with 37%. the other three candidates all got less than 5%. still to come here this evening, a firey plane crash caught on camera in florida. you actually see the plane plunge from the sky, and investigators are trying to figure out what happened. then at 5:30, a hug leads to
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a lawsuit. why a woman sued her 12-year-old nephew for more than $100,000. and an unholy act, a man dressed up as a priest, parading around inside a local church, police want to find him. and then coming up in just one hour. a local graduate student scores an online deal. how he was able to buy the brutal domain for just $12. >> when i was bent over something large landed on my back. >> a gloucester woman outside her home and now talking about how she fought off an animal. >> and we are staying on top of breaking news here on 7news. a gas main has exploded in medfield. the scene right here south street at phillips street. gas is leaking, you can clearly see the flames shooting from that main. the main is in a roadway that is currently being repaired. nearby playing fields have been evacuated in the area.
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a plane crashes into a mobile home in lake worth. the impact killing 21-year-old beni dominguez. her father was in the front yard at the time of the crash. >> look and open my door. beni, beni, come on. >> reporter: he tried to save his daughter from her bedroom but couldn't and watched her burn. >> i heard a loud engine, the engine of the airplane, and i looked up and it was like this, the wings were straight up trying to stop itself. and i just heard -- just it go -- and a big explosion. >> it seemed crooked like you know how a plane should fly this way, it was just -- >> reporter: the cherokee 180
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it was coming from orlando trying to land at its home base of lantana. dan shallow-way a 64-year-old engineer was the pilot, he too died when it crashed. this surveillance video capturing the initial descent and explosion. first responders rushing to the scene. >> we'll be looking at the experience of the plot, the weather he may have flown to. all aspects of the flight will be reviewed. >> the ntsb ntsb trying to democrat what caused the plane to go down but because of the explosion and the intensity of the firele they have their work cut out for them. >> the plane is destroyed at this point. as for her father, he just waits
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says he's waiting just in case they find her in the middle of the rubble, he just wants to see her one last time. >> back out live here, the pilot is survived by his wife and two children. according to investigators, there was no distress call, as for the 21-year-old, she was a full-time student and also worked full-time. she came home yesterday. she told her dad she was just too tired to go to college, her college course and so she said she was just going to take a nap and sadly she never woke up from that lap. reporting from lake worth, 7news. >> forecast looks pretty good over the next few days. our temperatures will slide a
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so 66 in town, 67 in worcester.
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49 downtown. that's how cool this air mass is behind us, or to the west of us i should say. this is coming in tomorrow but the sun will offset it. the air flow is chilly. brockton 63, 61 down through sandwich. our temperatures get a bump on friday before the weather system that comes in on that particular day, takes it all way for the weekend and we really start to dip. there is a dip in the jet extreme bring the cool air in but as much as that is cool, the warm-up is pretty significant early next week.
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back into the 60s. there might be some showers but early on saturday. 7news returns right after the break. who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa is responsible for the content
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. >> we've got another however 7news ahead. i'm adam williams. >> an officer on the wrong side
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of the law after appearing to
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